“Love” – To be given a pass to watch all others go is perhaps the most troubling thing to ones being.

Sometime around 2006 I was introduced to the band Angels & Airwaves. For those of you who don’t know who they are I urge you to check them out, especially if you were/are a fan of Blink-182. But enough about them, let’s talk about “Love”.

Ever since I saw “2001: A Space Odyssey”, I made my standpoint on existential space films, “Never again”. Believe me, this caused many a rift between other film students and myself. Apparently it’s unheard of to dislike a film by Kubrick. So needless to say I was hard pressed to sit down and watch this film, even after I heard that it was produced by Tom DeLonge and the soundtrack done by Angels & Airwaves. In fact, their two most recent albums are called “Love” and “Love: Part II”, go figure. You’re looking them up on YouTube now, aren’t you? Good, let’s get the juices flowing here.

The movie turned out to be what I had hoped “2001” would be; enjoyable. The story spans the course of about 300 years, starting with the Civil War and some soldiers trapped underground, all of the way to an astronaut trapped in space when he loses contact with Houston. Naturally his sanity comes into question as do his survival instincts, and we’re strapped in for the ride. A very minimal cast (pretty much honed down to one actor for the majority) is a bunch of no-names, or at least to me they were. This fact did not stop me from watching the movie, but rather gave me an open mind; this way I wouldn’t expect oscar worthy performances. I don’t want to give away plot points (my girlfriend thinks I do this too often, when in reality I’m just reading the back of the DVD box) so you’ll have to check this one out for yourself. Expect a well-directed, thought provoking, claustrophobic film with a story you’ve seen before, but with an intriguing twist.

DIRECTOR’S CUT: If you enjoy slow movies that aren’t actually slow, check it out. If you have no idea what that previous sentence even means, don’t bother.


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