“The Drifter”

Today we have a different post, but one I hope you pay just as much attention to. Being a graduate of the film genre I love to take the chance to honor and respect the talent of my fellow filmmakers/film appreciators. I come to you today to pitch the film, “The Drifter”, to you. Created and directed by my UCF friends Craig Calamis, Danny Bellini, and Justin Rhodes, “The Drifter” is the feature length version of the 2009 short of the same name. It’s an excellent story and from what I’ve seen thus far, the feature will do more than blow you away. Hell, it may do for cars and lonely roads what “Jaws” did for the ocean.

Instead of trying to create my own synopsis of the film, I want to let the creators speak for themselves. The following excerpt, and more information on both the feature and the short film, can be found at Driftermovie.com.

The Drifter takes place far out in the winding roads of the American Countryside; Roads so lonely, that if the need ever arose, no one would here you scream. In this land there roams a man, Chris Thatcher, who is lost on a lifelong search for purpose and compassion, completely fed up with the monotony of his meaningless life.

See, the problem is, Chris’s idea of ‘finding purpose’ is literally stepping into the shoes of others, murdering them in the process, desperately hoping to find a remedy for his haunting memories and an unrelenting urge to kill. He lives life as he pleases and does whatever is necessary to preserve this lifestyle, justifying his dreadful ways, by demonstrating that deception, murder, and thievery are small prices to pay for his freedom.

Out on the road, Chris’s nightmares and flashbacks are becoming more intense and more frequent, but he ignores the problems in his head and continues on his journey, where a terrible confrontation awaits him. Soon he will run into a grade school rival, Steven, and a new friend Layla, who have no idea what the seemingly kind Chris Thatcher is capable of when his urges get the best of him.

Sounds pretty awesome and freaky, right? Well this is where you come in. Craig and his team have set up an IndieGoGo account that YOU can help donate to. As with all other IndieGoGo accounts, you will receive different “Thank You’s” for the amount of donating you make. Speaking from experience here, independent filmmaking requires help from all who are willing to give it, and the end result is always amazing. I can speak first hand for Craig as I was given the opportunity to work on several of his films, and besides that he’s an amazingly talented, and let’s not forget nice, guy. And not just them, but both Justin and Danny have helped me create my own work that went off to appear in festivals, so please help these guys out by checking out their page, watching the clip, and making a donation to help this film on it’s journey to completion awesomeness.

DIRECTOR’S CUT: Having seen the short film already, I’m in serious anticipation of the feature length version!


3 thoughts on ““The Drifter”

  1. I don’t know if I ever got to Thank you properly for this. Came across it again today and wanted to make sure I showed some love. 🙂

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