“Man on a Ledge” – You can only push an innocent man so far.

And we’re back! Sorry it’s been awhile, I was in the process of moving back home and getting situated, had two weddings to go to, packing for Europe, the girlfriend was back in town (she takes precedence), but here we are with a new review for a new-ish movie!

“Man on a Ledge” stars the quite literally “up” and coming Sam Worthington, who being Australian has barely used the accent in any of his films. He’s definitely entertaining, and if you enjoy weird, blue cat-people you should check out “Avatar” since he was in it. Otherwise just watch “Pocahontas”, “Dances With Wolves”, “Fern Gully”, etc… Anyway, “Man on a Ledge” definitely looked cooler in the trailer so if you get this bad boy from Redbox, I hope you used one of those free DVD coupons.

This is one of those movies where the storyline was most likely pieced together after the ending was already thought up. Just imagine a fat guy in a room with a bucket of KFC’s finest trying to add the first 100 pages to a screenplay, and that’s basically how “Man on a Ledge” was created. Worthington plays an ex-con-ex-cop who is trying to prove his innocence (after breaking out of jail) for a crime he didn’t commit (after breaking out of jail) by threatening to commit suicide via skydiving without a parachute. All of this after breaking out of jail. Since he’s in New York and people who live in New York clearly don’t have souls, the entire city has gathered to watch him jump. Enter the real plot. While Worthington is up on this ledge biding his time, his brother (Jamie Bell) and much-to-hot-for-him girlfriend are across the street trying to break into a building owned by the man who framed Worthington. How was he framed? A lot of cop lingo was used to set up the scene where a flashback would have been helpful, but I’m pretty sure what I gathered is correct. While Worthington was a cop he was on some transportation detail with the greedy Ed Harris, making sure the diamond from “Titanic” got from A to B without any issues. For some reason Ed Harris tried to steal his own diamond and then framed Worthington for it so that he’d wind up in jail. Insurance fraud abound and all of a sudden we’re standing with Worthington on this ledge all caught up.

Wait. First of all, who still has giant, fist-sized diamonds in their safes? This just got stupid.

The movie turns from action/drama to action right about now as traitors are unmasked, realizations are made, and Worthington can no longer contain his Aussie accent, mate. Now it sounds like I’m really bashing it but nasty thoughts aside, it was definitely entertaining. Even though blind six year olds could probably call out the plot holes and what was going to happen next, I definitely would have left the theater saying, “Alright, not bad I guess.” This wasn’t meant to be a big cash cow for anyone, probably just an interim film for Worthington and Elizabeth Banks. Oh, and a chance for Ed Harris and Ed Burns to get back into the acting game.

DIRECTOR’S CUT: There isn’t a lot to take away from this movie except that you’ll see it once and forget about it. And Elizabeth Banks is still hot.



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