“Warm Bodies” – There’s nothing hotter than a girl with brains.

Up until a few years ago I really wasn’t a big fan of the zombie craze. All of the movies seemed the same and I didn’t feel like trying to bond with a group of survivors just to watch them get killed off one at a time. Then I was introduced to “The Walking Dead”, and everything changed. Well, not everything I guess, just that I was more tolerant of zombie entertainment. So when “Warm Bodies” showed up as something to watch, I figured why not.Warm Bodies

This is not your average horror/zombie flick. In fact, it gives an answer to the longest running zombie question: what if there were a cure? I thought this was a pretty unique idea, seeing how almost every other zombie movie and show tries to find a scientific cure, something that can be injected into corpses or sprayed over a field in order to change everyone back. But “Warm Bodies” covers different ground; what if the “disease” was more like a cold, something that you could eventually get over? Pretty cool stuff.

We spend the movie following “R” (Nicholas Hoult), a zombie who can narrate his thoughts for the most part but cannot remember his name from before he turned. He introduces us to his good buddy “M” (Rob Corddry), with whom he grunts to about being hungry, basic zombie stuff, and that’s pretty much what sets the story in motion. However, this is a love story and we need someone for R to fall in love with.

Enter Julie (Teresa Palmer). She’s a human living in the city of survivors under the rule of her father (John Malkovich) and with her boyfriend Perry (David Franco). While on a raiding mission to find some more supplies, R and the gang ambush Julie and her group and a massacre happens. Perry is quickly lost in the shuffle, but more importantly is R’s immediate attraction to Julie. Crazy, right? Zombies falling in love with humans. Who they usually eat. So basically R escapes with Julie and lets her cope with the fact that he isn’t trying to kill her, all the while he starts to change. He’s talking, his skin is becoming less pale, there’s this weird thumping going on in his chest…it’s basically puberty. Can’t give away the rest of the movie so I’ll have to leave it at that, but I promise you it does get better, albeit a little predictable.


Conversation looks riveting among the undead. Can’t wait.

As I mentioned earlier this movie really stands out because of it’s concept, be it either zombies having the ability to fall in love (or feel at all, really), or the fact that there could be a cure that doesn’t require medicine of any sort. It’s not an overly violent film, nor does it really have many gruesome parts so it’s not geared towards your average “Walking Dead” crowd, but more of a romantic comedy that involves death. Also if you haven’t caught on yet, it’s a modern (kinda) representation of Romeo and Juliet, even down to the names of the main characters, and there are plenty of scenes that are reminiscent of the actual play.

DIRECTOR’S CUT: So for a zombie flick that’s imitating a Shakespearean play that isn’t about gore and the death of the human race…it’s pretty good.

SCENE COLLECTED: Early on when Julie and R are hanging out together, Julie takes R for a spin in a BMW on an abandoned tarmac, set to “Shell Suite” by Chad Valley.



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